About Us

Our Mission

PieceofMyHeart&Co's mission is to provide one of a kind artistic hand crafted jewelry and accessories to our faithful customers. With the help of our dedicated clients we have made it our goal to donate a percentage of our monthly revenue to different charities and organizations around the world. Thanks to your support, we are confident that we will succeed in our quest to help those who are facing tragedy, illness, poverty and hunger. For more details on the organizations we are involved with and would like to support in the future please click the "Charities" tab.

The Designer

Vanessa Rodriguez, designer, owner and founder of PieceOfMyHeart&Co grew up in Hacienda Heights which is located east of Los Angeles. To make the story short, that is where she found the love of her life. What began as a high school crush, quickly became a commitment to a life long journey together. One they had no idea would be filled with life's toughest challenges.

 In 2008, a tragedy fell into their laps that would change their lives forever. It was after the passing of their first born she received a necklace that was handstamped with their daughters name Tessa. She felt that even though her heart and arms felt empty, her new necklace allowed her to wear a piece of her heart on her neck. It was this very necklace that brought her comfort and a feeling of unity to her little angel. It was after many years of seeing many families suffer the same type of loss, she was inspired to create PieceOfMyHeart&Co. While PieceOfMyHeart&Co was founded with the intention of giving people the opportunity to wear a piece of their heart around their neck, she has expanded the business into many other creative avenues. Being that she is very imaginative and creative, she has mounds of ideas that are waiting to be brought to life.  Her metalsmithing and hand crafting work are self taught so they are unique and special. She is in the process of expanding the line in a very significant way to accomodate most every style possible.

The PieceOfMyHeart&Co jewelry line is specially handcrafted and personal, with a touch of her heart with every piece that is made.

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